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Too Crooked to Fail: Why Scott Pruitt Still Has His Job (for Now)

Why hasnt Scott Pruitt been fired? His scandals are worse than those of already-ousted Trump administration officials. Hes even committed the cardinal sin of directly contravening a White House demand. So how come Pruitt still has his job, when David Shulkin, Tom Price, Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson, and Rob Porter dont? Because Pruitt is in bedalmost literallywith the very class ...

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This womans a bad mom. And shes damn proud of it.

Sia Cooper is a mother of two, a certified personal trainer, and an Instagram dynamo with over 921,000 followers. WHY DO YOU WORKOUT ON VACATION?? 🤔 I’m sure some of you might wonder. To me, it’s just another day to improve myself mentally and physically while indulging. Yes, you can do both! 🙃 I also like keeping up my routine ...

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Heres What Trump Could Do to Amazon

President collecting sales tax in states that levy them, but the company doesn’t charge shoppers sales tax when they buy from third-party vendors that sell on the site. Those sales make up about half the company’s volume. States and local governments lose approximately $5 billion a year in taxes from Amazon marketplace commerce because merchants don’t collect them and shoppers ...

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Science Is Getting Us Closer to the End of Infertility

About 40 years ago, Louise Brown, the first human created using in vitro fertilization, was conceived in a petri dish. Not long after her birth, Leon Kass, a prominent biologist and ethicist at the University of Chicago, wrung his hands about the then-­revolutionary technology of joining sperm and egg outside the body. The mere existence of the baby girl, he ...

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Roseanne Barrs Trump Sounds Great. Shame He Doesnt Exist.

So Roseanne is back and feeling very Trumpy. Quite a journey for someone who recent interview in the Times launching the new show, Barr emerges as an exemplar of a very specific type: Shes one of the millions who doesnt care much for actual facts, but absolutely devours every narrative that blames liberals and the Democratic Party for every one ...

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