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Are Autism Rates Still Rising Among American Children? It’s Hard To Tell

For years diagnosed rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have skyrocketed in the United States and other wealthy countries. Unfortunately, this trend has inspired fear of many blameless scapegoats, most importantly childhood vaccines. If rates stabilize, it may go some way to deflating those panics, but determining trends is proving harder than might be expected. Between 2000 and 2010 ASD ...

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Pollution hotspots revealed

How polluted is your street? You You You 1 2 3 4 5 6 Good Heavily Polluted Good Heavily Polluted Source: MappAir100 by EarthSense If you cannot view the postcode search, please click here to reload the page. Although dirty air doesn’t kill people directly, it’s estimated to contribute to shortening the lives of 40,000 people a year in the ...

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FTC and state of Nevada crack down on revenge porn site

In a complaint filed against, the FTC and state of Nevada allege the website violates both federal and state law by featuring intimate images of people, along with their personal information, without their consent. MyEx, which the FTC describes as being “dedicated solely to revenge porn,” is a website that lets people upload photos and information about their ex ...

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Glitter from a holiday card landed a woman in the emergency room

Image: Shutterstock / timquo Glitter is literally everywhere right now. It’s on our Instagram feeds, in our holiday parcels, and it’s even all over our faces and bodies.  But, one woman’s run-in with a clump of glitter from a Christmas card landed her in the emergency room with a lesion in her cornea.  SEE ALSO: Women pose naked, covered in ...

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Amazons a la carte TV service, Amazon Channels, adds CBS All Access

Amazon’s a la carte TV subscription service, Amazon Channels, just added another big name to its lineup. Today, Amazon and CBS announced that CBS’s over-the-top streaming service, CBS All Access – yes, the home to the new “Star Trek” – will now be available on Amazon Channels. However, only the higher-priced, $9.99/month commercial-free subscription will be offered for the time ...

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Trump: I’m a ‘very stable genius’

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump slammed reports questioning his mental stability in a series of tweets Saturday morning, writing he’s a “very stable genius” after the publication of an expos about his first year as President put the White House into damage-control mode. “Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart,” the ...

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