Prostate Cancer

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Lawsuit: Pentagon Contractor Treated Workers Like Slaves

A major government contractor kept American workers in slave-like conditions, confiscated their passports, and forced them to work around toxic chemicals with no protection, according to a previously unreported lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the outsourcing firm ManTech defrauded the federal government while violating a landmark anti-slavery law. If the lawsuit is successful, it will deal a body blow to ...

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29 People Reveal Their Best Newly Discovered Life Loopholes

“A few years ago I was flying from Detroit to Charlotte. Prices were higher than I would have liked, so I checked a couple of other nearby destinations. Found that a flight to Greensboro (two hours away by car) was much cheaper, yet somehow still connected through Charlotte (Detroit -> Charlotte -> Greensboro). So I said screw it, bought a ...

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Coffee may come with a cancer warning label in California

(CNN)A preliminary decision from a California superior court judge in Los Angeles could affect thousands of coffee shops including Starbucks, 7-Eleven and even your local gas station. California keeps a list of chemicals it considers possible causes of cancer. One of them is acrylamide, which is created when coffee beans are roasted. The chemical stays in the coffee you drink ...

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Brian Dodge Is on a Mission to Make America Understand Bisexuality

Brian Dodge was an undergraduate at the University of Michigan in the mid-90s when he asked why the word bisexual men. Youd be hard-pressed to find a well-researched article on the subject that doesnt include his expertise. Last fall, he and Dr. Wendy Bostwick from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing received a LGBT community. But Dodge ...

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An Illinois town just banned assault weapons. The penalty if you keep one? Up to $1,000 a day

(CNN)The village of Deerfield in northern Illinois has passed a ban on assault weapons, but it affects much more than sales and manufacturing. Law enforcement officers, current and retired, are exempted. The ordinance makes specific reference to recent mass shootings in Parkland, Florida; Las Vegas; and Sutherland Springs, Texas. “Assault weapons have been increasingly used in an alarming number of ...

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