Pancreatic Cancer Images

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The Aramco Accounts: Inside the Worlds Most Profitable Company

Saudi energy giant made $33.8 billion in first half of 2017 Tougher royalty regime imposes higher taxes as oil prices rise Source: Bloomberg Note: For companies that don't report on the basis of the standard calendar year, a comparable period is used Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who’s made the Aramco IPO a key part of his ambitions to ...

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Coal Baron: Subsidize Coal To Make Sure Grandma Doesnt Die On The Operating Table

reportThe Washington Postcalleddubbed slip southward proposed onerejected “I’m an American first ― I represent the coal industry, and I’m probably the coal guy in this room ― but I’m an American,” he said. “Our power grids are not as reliable as the grid operators would like you to believe.” “Will we have to have a system collapse before we really ...

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A Brief History of Screen Panic

For as long as we’ve had TVs, videogames, smartphones, and tablets, there have been scientists, politicians, and parents worrying about whether too much screen time will make kids less healthy (maybe), more violent (debatable), and hopelessly distracted (Sorry, can you repeat that?). Here’s a short history of people fearing the worst. 1951 Anthropologist Earnest A. Hooton describes TV as “a ...

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Why I blew the whistle on the Rick Perry meeting

(CNN)I was fired from my job as Department of Energy chief creative officer for releasing public domain photos of a meeting between Rick Perry, secretary of energy, and Robert Murray, CEO of Ohio-based Murray Energy, a large US coal company. There was no classified information present, I didn’t engage with either of them and I didn’t interrupt their conversation. Some ...

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Met chief blames social media for violence

“There’s definitely something about the impact of social media in terms of people being able to go from slightly angry with each other to ‘fight’ very quickly,” she said. A trivial disagreement could escalate into violence “within minutes”, Ms Dick added, with disputes on sites such as YouTube identified by detectives as partly to blame. Linking the “incredibly abusive” language ...

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“Nightmare Bacteria” With Rare Antibiotic Resistance Genes Found All Across America

It’s pretty clear that one of the most troublesome problems facing civilization today is the rise and proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Last week’s case of the man who had contracted a seemingly untreatable case of gonorrhea is just one example of a colossal problem. As noted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – antibiotic resistance bacteria ...

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