Lung Cancer Videos

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While Coal Ash Kills Americans, the EPA Stands By

Elaine Steeles house sits on a hill just above where 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash spilled after a dike containing the pond ruptured at Tennessee Valley Authoritys Kingston power plant in Roane County, Tennessee, in December 2008. For months later, she watched as men and women workers cleaned up hundreds of acres of thick, toxic gray sludge. She ...

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Video shows Israeli sniper shooting Palestinian as soldiers celebrate

Jerusalem (CNN)With international criticism of Israel’s response to the Gaza protests growing, video emerged on Monday appearing to show an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) sniper shooting a Palestinian man standing near the border fence. “When he stops, you take him down,” the soldier says. “Are you on him?” “I can’t fire because of the barbed wire,” the sniper responds a ...

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Taxing Soda and Booze Can Spark Healthy Spiral, Research Says

Nobody likes taxes, but new research shows they can be good for your health. Taxing products such as soda, alcohol and tobacco can steer consumers toward healthier choices and avert a ruinous tumble in which obesity fuels disease and medical costs push people further into poverty, data from countries ranging from Chile to India show. The analysis was published Wednesday ...

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Russian woman dies after given formaldehyde instead of saline drip

Fedyaeva suffered pain and convulsions for two days before falling into a coma and being rushed to a hospital in Moscow, her mother stated.  (East2West) TEEN DUBBED ‘BUTTERFLY BOY’ DIES OF RARE SKIN DISEASE “This is pure murder,” said Galina Baryshnikova, according to reports. “[It] was simply eroding her body from inside.” Baryshnikova added that Fedyaeva suffered tremendously before falling ...

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Alan raises $28.3 million for its health insurance of the future

French startup Alan closed a $28.3 million Series A round a few months ago. Index Ventures is leading the round, Xavier Niel is participating as well as existing investors CNP Assurances, Partech and Portag3 Ventures LP. Alan wants to make health insurance as simple as subscribing to a software-as-a-service product. It starts with clear pricing and transparent reimbursement policies. For ...

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