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Hey Elizabeth Warren, how do you say ‘Democrats are getting desperate’ in Cherokee?

You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when some out-of-touch old person tries to pretend they’re super hip and cool and it’s just painful? Yeah, that’s how we felt when we watched Elizabeth ‘Chief Always Lying’ Warren’s video on the GOP health care bill: The @SenateGOP health care bill released today is the worst one yet: — Elizabeth Warren ...

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This Is Chinas Real Economic Problem

China bulls could be forgiven for some self-­congratulatory back-patting these days. The country’s gross domestic product expanded 6.9 percent in the first three months of the year, the fastest rate since the third quarter of 2015. China is showing “marked improvement in economic performance, and major economic indicators have continued to move in a positive direction,” Premier Li Keqiang told ...

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Pretty Little Liars Is Garbage And Proof Of White Mediocrity

Hulu / Pretty Little Liars Yeah, I said it. And Ill say it again Pretty Little Liars is proof that society and the media will worship mediocre white people in pop culture, and will protect said white people’s feelings from getting hurt. The mediocre white person in question? None other than Marlene King, of course. Over the years Ms. King ...

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Disability Advocates Arrested At Rob Portman’s Columbus Office

Protesters from a coalition of progressive groups, and from the Ohio chapter of the national disability rights group ADAPT, demonstrated outside the senators office, urging him to vote against the GOP-backed health care bill under consideration in the Senate. Protesters first gathered in the lobby of the senators office building on Thursday, calling on him to hold a town hall ...

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The Supplements You Need To Get Your Skin & Body Ready For Summer

Working out might be one way to get fit, but you can improve your fitness and health without even sweating at Soulcycle. That’s because the buzzy beauty brand HUM Nutrition knows betches like things that come in cute packages and they’ve designed all-natural supplements for every beauty need a betch might have. How convenient, because summer means it’s getting too ...

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Is there institutional racism in mental health care? – BBC News

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionEche explains how he was Tasered when sectioned under the Mental Health Act Black people are being failed by the UK’s mental health services because of “institutional racism”, it has been warned. How does this affect those who experience it? When Eche Ogbuono, who has bipolar disorder, was sectioned under the Mental ...

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