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A Pay-Raise Rant Goes Bad and Reveals Angst of American Workers

Donald Trump says his corporate tax cuts are setting off a domino effect that will finally end the long, lean years for American wage-earners. And there are a handful of very public commitments to increase pay — from Wal-Mart to AT&T — that seemingly back that up. But a tale out of another giant company, Pfizer Inc., illustrates why it ...

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Kentucky Just Made It Harder For Poor People To Get Health Care

The Trump administration on Friday told it can go ahead with its controversial Medicaid ― an that would reduce benefits, require some beneficiaries to work, and generally make it more difficult for people to stay on the program. But there’s scant evidence that Kentucky’s changes will have the effects that Bevin and his allies are promising. In fact, of the ...

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Greening quits cabinet in PM’s reshuffle

The reshuffle continues with junior ministerial roles on Tuesday. Laura Kuenssberg: Was May foiled in reshuffle aims? Who’s in the cabinet and who’s out? Ms Greening’s resignation comes less than a month after she launched the government’s social mobility strategy. In her resignation statement she said: “Social mobility matters to me and our country more than a ministerial career. “I’ll ...

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Wonderschool gets $2.1M to bring its early childhood programs to New York City

Wonderschool, a network of in-home daycare and preschools, plans to open 150 programs in New York City after raising $2.1 million in new funding. The capital comes from non-profit investment firm Omidyar Network, Be Curious Partners, Rethink Education, Edelweiss Partners and Learn Capital and brings the startup’s total raised so far to more than $4 million, including a seed round ...

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Is A One-Night Stand Actually Going To Be Fun?

God & Man Is a one-night stand fun? Yes. Hypothetically. One-night stands should be really fun, at least in theory. Being physical with someone you don’t know anything about. No beginning, no ending. Just that. Body on body, hands on waistline, lips sensing. Hot stuff. The point of it is you don’t know anything about this person and they don’t know anything ...

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‘It’s all fentanyl’: opioid crisis takes shape in Philadelphia as overdoses surge

Nationally, over the past three years, fentanyl-related deaths have increased by 540%, and the epidemic is felt acutely in Philadelphias Kensington area A young woman lies unconscious, propped against the wall of a drug detox center in Kensington, Philadelphia. Shes wasnt breathing, says Danielle, a 26-year-old woman wearing a baseball hat and jeans. I found her half under a car. ...

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