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One Of The Most Common “Facts” About Learning Is Actually Complete Nonsense

People may prefer to learn in different ways, but research shows tailoring teaching to students’ preferences doesn’t help them perform better. A method called “micro-teaching” is a more proven way to help students learn. Good communication and trust between teachers and students is also important. We all like to do things in our own ways. That’s especially true in the ...

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Gov. Rick Scott outlines proposal to improve school safety

Video Gov. Rick Scott outlines proposal to improve school safety Florida governor wants to raise the age limit for buying guns, prevent mentally ill people from getting access to weapons and outlaw bump stocks. This is a rush transcript from “Fox News Sunday,” February 25, 2018. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. CHRIS ...

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Lucky Charms, Unlucky Frogs, And Other Weird News You Missed

There’s a lot of important news out there that definitely deserves your attention. This isn’t it. These are the weirdest, what-the-fuckiest headlines that somehow got buried in the sea of rational stories, this week. You’re welcome. Source: Yahoo! News 10 9 Source: The Guardian Source: Bloomberg, The Guardian, ARS Technica Source: National Geographic Source: Time Source: CBC Source: BBC Source: ...

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Charles Koch Complains About Corporate Influence In Politics In Surprising Op-Ed

“Our lawmakers must act on behalf of all Americans — not just the privileged few,” Koch wrote in a startling statement in The Washington Post. He also wrote: “Our entire economy is rife with cronyism.”  Koch, along with his brother, David, and Koch Industries have contributed millions of dollars to political campaigns and issue battles to get their hard-line libertarian, ...

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How children around the world are exposed to cigarette advertising

Cigarettes are being sold and promoted near schools by an industry that needs to recruit the young to maintain profits Schoolchildren around the world are being exposed on a daily basis to cigarette advertising and promotions by a tobacco industry that needs to recruit the young to maintain its vast profits. A major investigation in more than 22 countries across ...

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Twitter celebrates women in Oscars commercial but not everyone’s impressed

Twitter's Oscars commercial got a strong reaction.Image: twitter Twitter just had an Oscars first: a commercial. The company ran an ad during the broadcast, celebrating women with the hashtag #HereWeAre. The black-and-white spot featured prominent women from the entertainment industry reading poetry, ending with the words “this is how you create a new world.” SEE ALSO: Three adorable sisters recreate ...

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