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5 Lip Colors You Should Never Wear

Because its the year 2017 and people will do literally anything for an Instagram like, Im being pushed to the fucking edge with makeup trends these days. Fucking barbed wire eyebrows? Glitter butts? Grown women buying Unicorn Snot? No, no, no, no. Thats it. Trendsetting is cancelled, its done. None of you bitches can be trusted. But if I thought ...

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6 ways to fight back against the negative effects of bullying

Image: ambar del moral / mashable People once routinely brushed off bullying as a normal part of childhood that built character. Now we know with certainty that it actually tears people down in devastating ways. The longterm risks of bullying, however, don’t have to shape the rest of your life. While the research on protecting yourself from those effects is ...

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Twitter Reacts To Trump’s Most Dictatorial Move Yet!

In case you aren’t paying attention, James Comey getting fired is a yuge deal. While Donald Trump supporters are being willfully obtuse and calling us all hypocrites because we wanted Comey fired months ago for being terrible at his job — see Hillary Clinton email fiasco — we’re looking into the face of tyranny. Trump was being investigated; he fired ...

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How to make your vagina AHCA compliant

Woman with chastity belts at the Tate Modern in 2016Image: carl court/Getty Images Under Paul Ryan’s masterful healthcare bill, insurance companies will no longer be required to cover terrible people with pre-existing conditions including the condition of having a vagina. Sure, the law doesn’t technically use the word vagina (Mike Pence likely had a problem with it). But it will ...

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