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Monthly Archives: October 2017

How Do You Sell Really Fast Wireless When Its Really Fast Already?

In a gold mine hundreds of feet below the boreal forests of northern Sweden, Ericsson AB is seeking the answer to an existential question: Does anyone really want The Kankberg mine. Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm. told Bloomberg Television. At Kankberg, Ericsson has built a network of about three dozen antennas to cover more than a mile of tunnels, using equipment that adheres ...

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Sex, lies, and (maybe) Klingon spies in the latest episode of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Michael Burnham is the the protégé of Spock’s father Sarek, a decision that ruffled some feathers among Star Trek fans. If she had such an important role in Spock’s family, why didn’t he mention her before? To my mind, it really doesn’t matter. Star Trek V introduced Spock’s half-brother Sybok with no prior warning, so why can’t he have an adoptive sister, ...

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Georgia boy, 2, blocked from getting father’s kidney, is rushed to hospital

Video Selena Gomez undergoes kidney transplant to treat lupus TODDLER’S KIDNEY TRANSPLANT STALLED AFTER DONOR DAD VIOLATES PROBATION, FAMILY CLAIMS Emory Hospital in Atlanta reportedly worked on behalf of Dickerson, who was in jail, to request he be escorted to the hospital for blood work and pre-operative testing. Anthony’s mother, Carmellia Burgess, said that days after testing, she received a ...

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NASA Is Considering “Gene Manipulation” For Missions To Mars

Update 11 October: A spokesperson from NASA told IFLScience: “NASA is working on research and technology developments to minimize acute and long-term crew health risks related to deep space exploration, including missions to Mars. The agency has identified 30 areas of human spaceflight risks, including space radiation exposure, which will be controlled by a NASA standard to protect crew health and safety. ...

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Fibromyalgia: the pain behind Lady Gaga’s poker face

Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel a number of shows due to the severe chronic pain condition fibromyalgia. But what is it? Earlier this month, Lady Gaga announced the cancellation of the upcoming leg of her world tour due to her ongoing battle with fibromyalgia syndrome. Her behind-the-scenes Netflix documentary, sensitisation for pain processing in the brain, which may ...

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Calls to ban Coca-Cola Christmas truck

His concerns come four months after a study by Public Health Liverpool naming and shaming what it said were the most sugary breakfast cereals. Related Topics Coca-Cola Obesity Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-41810436

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